Flexible Protection Against Weather - Flexion®

As part of our commercial roofing services, ClimaShield Roofing offers EPDM rubber roof replacement. The single-ply roofing material we use comes from a manufacturer with a 35+ year reputation. And with its high-grade formulation and white, reflective surface, our Flexion® single-ply roofing will keep your building leak-free, energy-efficient, and cost-saving for years to come!

PVC Single Ply System

Benefits of Our EPDM Alternative

With premium products from Conklin®, we can offer a powerful rubber roof replacement solution. Here are the benefits of our Flexion® single-ply roofing:

Rubber Roofing Contractors

For exceptional service, industriousness, and other defining qualities, ClimaShield Roofing is recognized as a licensed Conklin® contractor and distributor. This distinction is given out to roof contractors who meet high standards for quality work and expertise. Our roofing projects have been formally inspected by Conklin® building product representatives.

We proudly use Conklin® as our product manufacturer of choice for several reasons:

With our Flexion single-ply roofing, we offer full-coverage, non-prorated warranties. These warranties last for 20 years, and they cover 100% of labor and material costs! You will also receive timely inspections of your roof as part of our dedicated full-coverage warranty program.

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